// Volunteers

It takes many people to keep a band like Westland's Marching Courgars going. Our volunteers help us keep the cost of participating in marching band down. In fact, Westland Marching Band has the lowest yearly fees of any marching band in this area.

People are needed to help feed the kids, chaperone on the buses to competitions and performances, clean and fix the uniforms, push equipment onto the field during performances and much more. One of our important volunteer activities is working Westland Marching Band Annual Christmas Tree stand. The Band Boosters run the Tree stand between Thankgiving and Christmas. The funds gained from this major event allows the boosters to assist with many aspects of the band. In fact, a half of the total expenses necessary to run the Westland Marching Cougars are funded through the profits of this event.


We ask that everyone does their part so that the volunteering does not fall onto the shoulders of a few.


Volunteer opportunities will be posted onto the Charms Calendar.


// Volunteer Opportunities

//Christmas Tree Sales

Chair Person: Steve & Barbra Self

Major fundraisier for the Band. Chair Person manages all aspect of the annual Christmas Tree Sale from Purchase, delievery and Sales. Volunteers needed for lot setup / tear down and Tree sales. Day after Thankgiving till Chrismas eve.



Chair Person: Annette Haney

Chair person manages parent cleaning schedule, mending and distribution of school band uniforms. Volunteers needed to clean, mend, assist with distribution and collection of uniforms / accessories.


//Ways & Means

Chair Person: Lorelea Matheny

Chairperson heads up all fundraising activities, including Cougar Corner, SODEXHO, Scrips, Car Show, Candy bar sales and the 50/50 Raffles. Volunteers needed to assist with organizing and ordering.


//Membership Committee

Chair Person: Troy Shore

Chair Person manages and organizes Booster membership


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Chair Person: Stephanie Covington

Chair Person coordinates Chaperones for bus rides buses to away football games and events. Volunteers needed to ride buses and control the heathens.



Chair Person: Karen Benedum

Manages and coordinates all meals and snacks during HOME football games as well as meals prior to away contests/competitions. Volunteers needed to assist with meal prep, setup and cleanup.


//Pit Crew

Chair Person: Steve Self

Chair Person coordinates band equipment loading, unloading and repairs. Volunteers needed to assist with loading, unloading, staging and unstaging band equipment. 


// Prop Comittee

Chair Person: Bill Luchene

Chair Person builds and manages band props. Volunteers needed to build, stage and unstage props. 


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//50 / 50 Raffle

Chair Person: OPEN

Chair Person coordinates volunteers with the raffle ticket sales at home football games and other events. Sales volenteers needed for all home games and events.

// Band Camp

Chair Person: Bill Luchene

Chair person coordinates preparations for camp prior to camp departure. Volunteers needed for all aspects of band camp activities.


//Cougar Corner

Chair Person: OPEN

Chair Person organizes and manages Sales of athletic and spirit wear at home football games and other events.

Sodexo / Levy Fundraising Comittee

Chair Person:

Chair Person coordinates events and people to work them. This is a great opportunity for anyone over the age of 16 to earn money for band fees. All proceeds go to the individual band members account.

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