How do I join band or orchestra?

Band and orchestra in Westland begins in 6th grade. At the end of fifth grade, students will have the opportunity to try instruments during in school fittings. If they like a particular instrument, they are invited to an after-school instrument fitting to be signed up for band. If you are in high school and are not currently in band, please talk to a director about auditioning into the program. The directors must see if you are at a high school level performance proficiency on your instrument.

How do I join winter guard or drumline (indoor)?

For the summer marching band season, interested winter guard and drumline students should come to the open (free) clinics in July. These clinics allow students to test their talents and see if they would enjoy this section of the ensemble. Auditions will follow these clinics, placing them in specific roles. All students are welcome to audition. In the winter season, clinics and auditions will be held in December and January. All students (including 8th grade students) are welcome to audition for these ensembles.

I am a new parent to the program and would like to be involved.

Welcome to Westland! We are always looking for interested parent volunteers to help our program run smoothly. Please check our Facebook page using the link at the top of the website. There you will find updated material and can connect with other parents online. Westland also has a booster organization which maintains some of the aspects of the department. They have monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month at 7pm. In these meetings all details about upcoming events are discussed as well as general finances in the department. Please check your Charms account for more information.

I want to check my student's fees or have a question about fees.

To check student fees, visit the Charms website (link is at the top of the page) and login using your username and password. Under the finance tab, you will be able to view the outstanding balances on the account and all fundraising money earned. If you have a question about fees, please contact Suzie Kim. We will help you in any way possible to keep you up to date with fees.

How do I sign in to Charms (first-time users)?

Follow these steps below to set-up your Charms account to stay up to date with information: 1. Go to and click "Enter/Log-In" in the upper right corner. 2. Locate the "Parent/Student/Members Login" section. 3. Type in the following for the school code: WESTLANDBAND *This will bring up the main “Public” page. This will allow you to look at the “public” calendar for your organization, event list, and handouts and other “publicly shared” files, as well as a few other options. 4. To set-up your own account, type your student's ID number provided by the school. 5. From there you will be prompted to make your own username and password.

Are marching band rehearsals mandatory?

At Westland, marching band is a co-curricular class that receives academic credit. Attendance falls under the same guidelines as all other WHS courses. If you have an issue please use the attendance form in the resource files. In the summer, the directors ask that students attend as many rehearsals as possible, band camp being the only "mandatory" rehearsal times. We understand that summer is a time for vacations and trips, and we encourage you to keep those plans! Please submit an excuse form for any planned absences at least two weeks beforehand to be reviewed for approval.

How does band camp work?

Band camp is a five day camp at Fort Hills Christian Camp in Hillsboro, OH where the marching band learns a majority of their show. Band Camp is normally scheduled for Sunday thru Thursday in early to middle of August. The band travels away to get away from outside distractions and focus on learning our new show. Students will have three rehearsal blocks a day, split up by fun activities and meals.

If you want more information on band camp, visit the resources page as well as attend our Band Camp meeting which will go over all small details before the trip.

How do I stay up to date with notifications and events?

There are several great ways to stay involved with the hectic music schedule. The Charms website will always have your fees and updated calendar events. Check the Facebook page for the newest announcements (link at the top of the page). You and your student can sign up for our text alert system called "Remind" which sends out updates from the directors to your phone. To sign up, check our Remind tab from the menu above.