Levy Opportunities


Are you interested in finding opportunities to reduce your band fees?  Westland Band Boosters partners with Levy to offer opportunities to work various Sporting and Concert events to offset individual band fees.  These activities are coordinating by our Levy Chairperson.  Parents, Family Members and Students over the age of 18 are offered numerous opportunities to work concessions stands and other venue activities to earn credit toward their fees.


Many students and families have taken advantage of this opportunity to reduce or eliminate their individual band fees.  We have several 4 year members that have never paid a cent of their band fees as a result of these opportunities.  Please note that you cannot use this program to pay for SWCS Pay-to-Play Fees.  However, SWCS offers an opportunity to apply for a Success Beyond The Classroom Scholarship to assist with pay-to-play fees.


Please contact our Levy Chairperson (contact information below) if you are interested or have any interest in this program.  Additionally, all activities and scheduling are organized via Charms.  


Levy Chairperson

Kelli Clark



Please find attached document with instructions for completing the online alcohol training and certification requirement.  You must complete this training annually to work an event.  Complete the training and send certificate to Kelli Clark as outlined in the instructions.  Additonally, please send separate email to Kelli Clark when complete to ensure you are added to our distribution list for upcoming events.